The World’s Leading Printer Manufacturers

If you are in the market for a printer, you will possibly be bombarded with advertisements about the more popular brands in the segment like the old stalwarts that include Canon and Xerox, reliable HP printer products and the new age range from Epson and Dell along with several other manufacturers. However, if you would [...]

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Do brilliant game graphics actually matter?

Throughout the development of the gaming industry, game publishers have always strived for better game graphics. Every few months a new game will be released that has critics lauding it for its brand new graphics engine offering the latest and greatest graphics, but do the graphics of a game automatically equal a great game?


Games to look forward to in 2013

2013 could be a very exciting year for gamers if the upcoming releases live up to their hype. It will be a year for the usual sequels, some new online multi-player titles, and some reboots of old favorites.


Is Popular Music Really Getting Worse?

The quality of pop music in recent years has been debated in many circles. Many people are of the opinion that the quality of such music has drastically deteriorated, while others believe that it is just the changing times and upcoming generations that have different taste to what older people are used to. Music is [...]


Biggest Music Festivals in the US

The US has some of the biggest and best music festivals on the planet. As well as offering your typical summer festival showcasing the most popular acts in the charts, there are also a huge number of more specialised festivals that focus on jazz, rap, classical and older musical genres in states all over the [...]


Biggest Gaming Conventions in the US

Gaming conventions are an excellent way to learn what’s new in the video gaming world, and they offer a chance to meet thousands of other people who are passionate about gaming. There are literally hundreds of small conventions all over the US, but the largest ones tend to be near the coasts.


Band Reunions we all Want to See in 2013

There has been a spate of band reunions of late, and while the likes of Blur and Faith No More have started touring and recording again, there are still hundreds of other bands that music fans across the world would love to see reunite.